Farm Urban creates systems that allow people and the planet to thrive together in balance.

We are a pioneering social enterprise; a group of people focused innovators, disrupting food and education systems and changing behaviours. 

Using vertical farming technology we grow clean, green, food in cities and deliver education programmes, software solutions and consultancy services to help others around the world do the same. 

Through our Greens for Good campaign, you can get boxes of our fresh, living greens delivered to your doorstep via bicycle, giving the people of Liverpool a hyperlocal, sustainable way of eating well.

Through our Routes and Shoots suite of learning programmes you can develop real world skills, get prepared for green jobs of the future, gain understanding of planetary boundaries, and reconnect with healthy food, and each other. 

Through the smaller-scale vertical farming systems we install and manage in the spaces that people live, work, and play, you can access some of the freshest healthiest food on the planet and experience a greener healthier environment. 

We believe that in order to bring about real societal and environmental change, coherent solutions must be presented at multiple levels.

We are not about building big shiny vertical farms, outside cities 

We are about embedding smaller farms in the heart of communities, engaging local people in what they are, how they work, why they are important, and what they can do for them. We don’t close the doors to our Farms, we open them, offering tours, workshops, and tasting sessions. We take our farms, knowledge and skills into communities through our practical skills based learning programmes, serviced Edible Walls and Produce Pod aquaponics systems.

Learn more about our journey in our TEDx talk

Our Vision

Food for the Future, for Everyone.

Our Mission

Eat, Grow and Learn Together.

Our Values

People: Engage and Inspire people in sustainable food production, health and nutrition.

Learning: Empower people with knowledge, skills and resources.

Science: Research and develop the most innovative and sustainable ways to grow food in urban environments.

Service: Deliver robust and efficient systems for urban food production.

Impact: Promote a healthy and sustainable way to live together.