With our 6-week Future Food Heroes programme, primary school pupils get the chance to learn about circular food growing systems. Through building our aquaponic Produce Pod, they’ll see how fish and plants can grow together to make tasty greens! They’ll see how waste food products can be used to grow mushrooms, and how worms and leftovers create compost and natural fish food. 

Working together, pupils will be inspired to eat healthily and sustainably through growing food in our Produce Pod. Bringing innovative science and research into the classroom, pupils can be the scientist, encouraging them to be curious, fail well, and build resilience. They’ll be ready for ‘jobs of tomorrow,’ building cutting-edge green skills ready for the future!

By signing up, you’ll get:

• A day of interactive workshops – challenging pupils to build their own aquaponics system, grow mushrooms and get hands-on with compost.*

• A Produce Pod aquaponic system for your classroom – grow fish and plants together in their own ecosystem

• A mushroom growing kit – source waste food products on which to grow edible mushrooms

• A miniature worm farm – raise worms on food waste to create compost, natural pesticide and fish food

• Access to our online platform – a full set of resources to deliver our 6 week programme, supporting pupils to develop their own ideas to tackle environmental issues through hi-tech food growing

For more information, please email: futurefood@farmurban.co.uk 

*As a Liverpool based company, this is only available to schools in the North West of England and North Wales.