Through Greens for Good, we work with businesses to install Edible Walls, as well as delivering boxes of leafy greens to your door.

The Cotton Exchange

The Project

At The Cotton Exchange in Liverpool’s Business District, Farm Urban’s Greens for Good,  in collaboration with property managers Bruntwood, have installed the UK’s first hydroponic Edible Wall in a public space. Delayed by the pandemic, this Edible Wall project signifies a key draw for people returning to their offices in the Cotton Exchange. Restocked and serviced weekly by our expert farm team, the Edible Wall offers free, fresh greens to anyone using the building. Bruntwood aims to make thriving cities, the Edible Wall works as an expression of their sustainable values and their goals of creating biophilic buildings. As part of the partnership, Greens for Good have run launch events and further engagement projects to grow building users’ knowledge and use of the Edible Wall.

The Impacts

  • A Study is being conducted to see how the produce is being used and the effects that it has on the building’s users.
  • Our Values, along with Bruntwood’s, are expressed in a public-facing setting