Farm Urban’s exciting movement Greens for Good grows food that’s good for people in ways that are good for the planet. 

Offering fresh, alive leafy greens grown from our vertical farm underneath Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle Greens for Good gives people a sustainable, hyperlocal way of eating well for the people of Liverpool. Delivered by bike or available for collection via our collaboration with Too Good To Go, our box subscriptions come in two sizes to liven up your meals either weekly or monthly.

Greens for Good provides good things to good businesses. Businesses can sign up for quarterly box subscriptions. They can get our aquaponic Produce Pod systems, complete with weekly replenishments of greens to keep your lunches as fresh as possible, and an aquaponics workshop for your team. By installing and managing Edible Walls, planted with living greens, herbs, and edible flowers, we can bring our hydroponic vertical farming system into places of business. 

As a social enterprise, Farm Urban aims to bring food for the future to everyone. Through Greens for Good, we can build that movement, putting our sustainable, healthy, alive greens into the hands of people and businesses.