Working with schools and community organisations, our education and outreach programmes introduce people to high tech urban farming and help reconnect people to healthy and nutritious food, while developing skills and increasing confidence along the way

Taking a practical approach to learning, we challenge people to get hands-on and think creatively while designing, building and using their own systems to eat, grow and learn together. We work alongside primary and secondary schools, and community organisations to reach a wide range of people with programmes designed to be accessible to all.

The urban farm offers a wide range of high-tech, green, meaningful jobs for the future. Our programmes equip people with a set of transferable skills; from fish design, construction, and research skills to business, marketing, communication and leadership . By nurturing these skills, we aim to enable people to sustainably feed our growing cities through the 21st century and beyond.

Learn With Us

The Future Food Challenge , our 12-week extra-curricular STEAM & Enterprise programme running in secondary schools, aims to inspire young people to do science and enterprise differently, designing and building their own aquaponic systems and developing a business pitch around them.

Future Food Heroes helps primary school pupils learn about the challenges of growing their own food. Bringing in subjects across the curriculum, over 6-weeks pupils will grow greens with our Produce Pod aquaponic system, grow mushrooms from food waste, raise worms, and more!

Community Edible Walls offer the chance for adults and families to get direct experiences using our innovative Edible Walls in their own communities. By building their own Edible Wall system, they can develop ideas to get their local community involved in food growing, healthy eating and sustainability projects.